Dulcimer band Demižón

Those were the times ... 1999 – 2001

The beginnings of the newly formed music group were closely connected with the establishment of the dance group Demižón, whose leader Jiří Rybecký brought the first composition of the band together. At the beginning, the band was led by Jan Stanislav, who (as a musician) could be characterized especially by the musical talent and very deep knowledge of folk songs. Other founding members were Pavel Kočvara (bass), Petr Gazárek (dulcimer) and Tomáš Pavlík (contra-violin). In the memories of all these young musicians, the reminiscences on the “etherous” rehearsals at the Gazareks are still deeply stuck.
... The beginnings were fresh, sweet and carefree. The first performances with the dance group, the first steps on stage, but also into wine cellars. The group slowly found the way to the consciousness of Strážnice. At the end of this period of the “young music-making”, Lukáš Habanec replaced Pavel Kočvara for a few months, and Tomas Pavlík has definitively passed from contra-violin to bass.

The field of Sudoměřice ... 2002 - 2004 (and in fact until now)  

The decisive influence on the direction, development and coloring of the music was brought by the musicians from the nearby village called Sudoměřice. At first, Radim Mikeska (contra-violin) and Martin Klásek (violin) joined the group, Vojta Juřík (clarinet, flute) followed later on. Initially, Martin substituted the primarius Jenda Stanislav rather reluctantly, but as Jenda became too occupied by his studies, Martin has taken over the role of the leader once and for all. Not long after Jenda Stanislav, Petr Gazárek also left the group. However, there was neither need nor much time to grieve, for the music group got enriched by two beautiful girls - two Aničkas. The hole resulting from the withdrawal of Jenda and Petr was refilled by Anička Sotolářová (harmonically tuned in thirds - violin) and the miscellaneously garrulous Anička Smutná (clarinet).

In Strážnice, there were musicians playing ... 2005 – today

The band shaped into its current form as Zdeněk Něnička (dulcimer) and the already mentioned Vojta Juřík (clarinet, flute) joined the group. Both these young musicians soon mastered the treacherous baits of folklore and have become an indispensable part of the music group. Since then, the composition of the group has been preserved in this form:

Martin Klásek - primarius
Mira Můčka – violin - third (guest)
Radim Mikéska - alto (contra)
Anička Smutná - clarinet
Vojtech Juřík - clarinet, flute
Zdeněk Něnička - dulcimer
Tomáš Pavlík - bass

All current musicians gained their initial experience with the folk song and folk dance in the Youth Dulcimer Band under the leadership of Jan Šafařík at the Basic School of Arts in Strážnice.
Throughout the whole history of the Demižón dulcimer group, the basis of the repertoire was represented by folklore from Strážnice and its near environment as all members feel spiritually connected and bound to this area. Nevertheless, there are also songs from Slovakia, from Horňácko, Kopanice and other regions that have found their way to the repertoire of the group.